Blackwater Valley
Blackwater Valley Economic Development Zone. Smart Working in West Waterford.

About Blackwater Valley

Blackwater Valley Economic Development Zone (BVEDZ)

The BVEDZ group aims to encourage high-end businesses to locate to the West Waterford area, with the subsequent promotion of local economic activity and to breathe new life into the community. Alongside Waterford Leader Partnership and community groups from Tallow, Villierstown, Lismore and Cappoquin, the collaborative project is developing and promoting this ‘Smart Working’ strategy, the objective of which is to create and sustain ICT-enabled employment locally.

Onsite in the Blackwater Valley you’ll find premium, self-contained office accommodation which can be adapted and configured to your specification, along with the talent, skills, connectivity, the business supports and ecosystem that you’ll require for continued business growth and development. As an employer we know that you’ll appreciate that talent has a choice. It values – and actively seeks – community, inclusion, authenticity and sustainability.

Offsite in the Blackwater Valley, you‘ll discover a wealth of social and cultural amenities, activities and events that offer a great employee experience with enviable liveability, affordability and a great quality of life; all shaped by an inspiring natural environment and fostered by a dynamic, welcoming community.

If you are looking for an impressive office premises to lease, our own door office spaces are the ideal solution. These contemporary suites enable medium sized companies to project their corporate identity in a high profile secure setting, situated in the stunning Blackwater Valley. In total approx 80 office spaces across the four locations of Tallow, Lismore, Cappoquin and Villierstown will be leased.  With so much to offer for that work/life balance, why not come build your community in ours?

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